Brett W. West - 03/10/98 21:50:27
My URL:http://texas.moonco.com
My Email:bonnieblue@iname.com
My Country/State: Texas, CSA
How I found this site: League of the South

Hurrah for you who stand freely and bravely in defiance of tyranny! May God guide, protect and speed your efforts."If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."-Samuel Adams

Mike Marinacci - 02/28/98 05:53:58
My URL:http://pw2.netcom.com/~mikalm/index.htm
My Email:mikalm@ix.netcom.com
My Country/State: Occupied California
How I found this site: DixieNet

Excellent site! I have long said that my primary "patriotism" is towards the land and people of the Bear Flag Republic. It's good to hear that I am not alone.On the edge of the Millenium, true Nations are emerging from under the shadows of Global Monocu ture, International Capitalism and World Government. From Californians to Catalonians, from Tibetans to Tatars, and from Hawaiians to Hutus, once again the earth's diverse peoples and faiths assert themselves against centralist tyranny. Self-determinati on for all!

Darrin Bearden - 02/25/98 04:56:23
My Email:dbearden@pigseye.kennesaw.edu
My Country/State: Emerson, GA
How I found this site: League of the South webpage

I am a Southern Nationalist and I commend you for your efforts to break away from our overbearing federal government. Secession is not an unreachable goal and I encourage you to not lose sight of your goal. May God bless you richly. Long live Dixie!!!
Robert Anderson - 02/19/98 16:28:22
My Email:Rander30@aol.com
My Country/State: Florida
How I found this site: League of the South

Your site is very nice. I hope your struggle ends in success. If California yearns for freedom, then I would be happy to stand next to those patriots who dare to yearn.Sincerely, Robert Anderson Fighting for the South

Tom Chittum - 01/31/98 03:28:47
My URL:http:// members.aol.com/chittum/cw2index.html
My Favorite Book: Civil War Two
My State/Country: NJ

Visit my site for info on all secessionist groups

Erik Christensen - 01/27/98 22:12:38
My Email:ejchris2@students. wisc.edu
My Favorite Book: "We"
My Favorite Movie: "Hard Boiled"
My State/Country: WI/USA

I accessed the site as part of a research project for a class on nationalism...it was a valuable resource, and i am glad to have found this site. thanks for publishing it!

ResIpsa 01/27/98 19:23:35
My URL:htt p://www.geocities.com/capitolhill/senate/1131>
My Email:resipsa@geocities.com
My Favorite Quote: See My Home Page, They Change Weekly
My Favorite Book: The Star Chamber
My Favorite Movie: A Time To Kill
My State/Country: Texas

Best of luck in establishing your own union. For many years now we in Texas have been wishing an earthquake would sink California, but if you wish to do it yourselves, please do!

Tom Baker - 01/19/98 06:02:45
My URL:http://www.g eocities.com/Pentagon/8610/>
My Email:TomCBaker@aol.com
My Favorite Quote: "You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty and you cannot refine it."
My Favorite Book: Les Misérables
My Favorite Movie: Richard III
My State/Country: California/California Republic

Excellent website. I share your opinions and views on California's independence, along with Texas's and the souths. I believe that California should secede and either create its own republic (California Republic) Or join the south when it secedes (governing itself but having the advantage of belonging to a government for military resources, etc) And by the way to all of those that say Northern California is so much better - I am in Southern California and I am not "mexican" etc. No the mexicans probably won't secede, but whose fault is it that we have so many bloody mexicans? Sure as hell not Californians. Can someone say FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? United States? Lack of attention in every way by the government of the United States for the state of California? One reason crime and gangs ARE so high along with immigration and god knows what else is because fat bloated politicians sit on their high chairs and chew penuts all day on tax payers money and quibble. If Californians stopped paying taxes to the federal government and instead to California's provisional government, crime, polution, immigration, etc. would all be over. The streets and cities would be nicer. Californians pretty much support most of the rest of this country. And even so we are still the most wealthy state. The entire point of this "union" We belong to is so that no one territory/state is alone, financialy, economicaly, etc. Those paved roads you walk on out in Montana or Wisconsin or North Dakota, and those power lines that bring you electricity, weren't payed for by the citizens of Montana or Wisconsin or North Dakota, no, they were payed for by Californians. Californians pay so much more than they recieve. Our tax money provides the poorer states like Arizona and Nevada and boonie states like North and South Dakota WITH everything they have, because if they were on their own, without the help of the federal government, they would starve and die. California gives more than it receives economically and financially. So whats keeping us? Why stay with a union thats doing nothing more than bleeding us to death when we could run ourselves smarter, easier, better. Without the United States, we are better off. We worry too much about supporting others instead of ourselves. More border security, more money to law enforcement and our cities and towns, without the US bleeding us to death this would be a wealthier, nicer place. So Californians, when the referandum comes, vote for secession! Stop letting a foreign power rule you by the neck. Resign.

Tim Dunkin - 12/22/97 22:42:13
My URL:http://www .geocities.com/CapitolHill/6576
My Email:q146@academic.truman .edu
My Favorite Quote: "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson
My Favorite Book: 1984, by George Orwell
My Favorite Movie: Braveheart
My State/Country: Missouri

Go for it! Without California polluting the rest of the country, maybe America can return from the moral and political abyss which the liberals have plunged us into!

Bent Nord - 12/11/97 15:01:59
My URL:http://home.sol.no/~ eivalme/vmf
My Email:b71011@rocketmail.com
My Favorite Quote: Viva Castro!
My State/Country: La Norvege

Go for it! We got rid of the Swedes in 1905 and never looked back! The US is the most hypocritical and greedy country in the world, not to mention a bully. Screw them, and release yourself. I wholeheartedly support your quest for freedom, and hope for you support in our struggle for an independent Kingdom of Vestfold.

Daniel Coheleth López - 12/08/97 03:39:36
My URL:http://texasrepublic.com
My Email:dabeni@airmail.net
Your Favorite Quote: Viva Tejas!!
your Favorite Book: The Holy Scriptures
Your Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Your Location: Dallas, RT

Visit our website. Let's support each other in our quest for Freedom, Justice and Peace.

Dave - 11/30/97 06:07:07
Your Favorite Quote: There is not a truth existing wish I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world. Thomas Jefferson
Your Location: New York

California's problems aren't only with the United States, they're also with Mexico. You guys should be trying to free Northern California. Southern Californians are predominately of Mexican origin and will never secede with you.

- 11/30/97 03:00:04
Your Location: The Republic of Texas

Greetings from The Republic Of Texas. Contrary to press reports,we are not all half crazed yahoos with guns, and our demise was greatly exagerated. We're here and we're not going away. Viva la Republica de California! We are your brothers and sisters in t e fight for the freedom that has been stolen from us both along with the States of the union. Your hope is our hope. Your fight is our fight. Your victory is our victory! May God be with you all!

Nick Teng - 11/24/97 19:10:01
My Email:Eagle15177@aol.com
Your Favorite Quote: "The Price Of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance"
your Favorite Book: "Paved With Good Intentions," by Jared Taylor
Your Favorite Movie: "Crimson Tide"
Your Location: Long Island

I support your goal to secede. California should be saved from the diabolical clutches of Third-World Socialism and the citizens of California deserve to be a free and independent people. God Bless you all!

Bernard Chabot - 11/22/97 14:59:25
My Email:bchabot@interlinx.qc. ca
Your Favorite Quote: l'homme est la nature prenant conscience d'elle même
your Favorite Book: Genèse de la société québécoise
Your Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane
Your Political Party: La Patrie, Québec

Well, we are not alone in North America... Hope Québec will be independant before California...or British Columbia Remember that there were 5% sovereigntists in Québec in the 60s, 49,6% in 1995. And growing... Làchez-pas!

Michael Scott - 11/04/97 17:10:47
My Email:crnivor@armory.com
Your Favorite Quote: There is not a mind so brilliant, nor a soul so noble, that it can not be beaten to death with a truncheon. R. Heydrich
your Favorite Book: Watership Down
Your Favorite Movie: Stalingrad
Your Political Party: 1V1R1F!

California must have been a nice place. It will be again!


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